And The Lord Said: “Follow Me, I’ll Follow You!”

And The Lord Said: “Follow Me, I’ll Follow You!”

My daughter, who is 3 going on 26, came across an Easter card as we were cleaning our house this weekend and as some children might, exclaimed the obvious, “Oh look Dad, it’s Jesus!” “That’s right honey” I replied, “And do you know who His Daddy is?” “It’s Zeus.”

Clearly, she needs a chat about which God is which but at least she knows there is a Big Kahona of some kind floating around up there somewhere. This got me thinking about two things: She needs to learn about Google soon to clear up these oversights but more importantly, God, His Son and the mighty power of Twitter.

Let me back up a bit here. I actually thought about this last week when the 18 month old brother of my daughters friend fell two stories off of a balcony and was and is seriously injured. I had gone on Twitter where I have a very healthy following, and asked for prayers for the family and his recovery. Within 2 hours of posting, it had close to 50,000 eyes on it and responses from every corner of North America. Church groups and prayer circle had rallied to pray for this boy they did not know. The prayers seemed to have worked as is he is steadily improving, his path will be a difficult one.

Imagine now, had there been Twitter in Christ’s time how fast Christianity could have taken off and or, the opposite, would he have been just a popular hashtag for a while or a trending subject for a few days? Mr. Christ could have been global in a matter of hours with each of those epic quotes of his!

His number of followers would have made Chris Brogan, Ashton Kusher and Charlie Sheen ask what they were doing wrong? Between Him and his 12 apostles sending out direct tweets He was guaranteeing Himself at least 4 Million impressions per quotable.

“For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and everyone who humbles himself will be exalted.” #leadership #youmatter #gospel Plz RT

RT @Luke “Let the one among you who is without #sin be the first to cast a stone.”- JC #Truth #bethechange cc: @PontiusP

@Mark1 At crucifixion Epic #fail for #Rome So Lord, they know what they do.

@MaryMag OMG At burial cave. Stone moved. Where is JC? WTH? Still doubt @Thomas? LOL Cc: @Luke @Matthew

Clearly, I am not trying to make light of the Lord here but trying to make a couple of different points:

– One Tweet can make a difference. Put out a call to arms and watch the good of social media unfold before you.

– Putting out less narcissistic Tweets and more positive meaningful Tweets will get you a lot farther and benefit a lot more people’s souls.

– Be the change. If ONE man can make an impact like Jesus did with word of mouth and some scrolls, imagine what you can do with Social Media?

Now go forth and spread good tidings people! Put some more positive energy into the universe and more good will happen! As J.C Himself said, “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works”

And So It Goes…



  1. Ty… not only was this very funny, but had a few great messages in this post. Thought about being a priest? This sounded just like a sermon. But one that kept me to the end. 🙂

  2. Great to hear Ty, loved the post. We should chat sometime. Maybe grab some coffee on one of my NYC adventures.

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