And the Social Good Shall Lead…From People Report Summer Brand Camp.

And the Social Good Shall Lead…From People Report Summer Brand Camp.

Last week, for the third year in a row, I attended the single best conference on Marketing, HR, Social Media, Social Good, Social Chat…etc…Called the People Report Summer Brand Camp in Dallas Texas.

Let me start by saying I am not going to sit here and give you a play by play on the amazing stuff you missed. You had to be there for that. But what I would rather do on this little blog posting is tell you about just some of the people there that left me walking away saying WOW! Because the root of the conference is about PEOPLE. About the human condition and what we can do to make the world a better place. So, without further pause…Not like I paused at all but…here are some people you may already know because they are heavy hitters in Social Media and speaking. Some you have never heard of but I want you to know about. Oh, and to follow these great folks on TWITTER, just click their names!

Amanda Hite: Everybody knows the original SexyThinker! I have known Amanda about 4 years and every year that she and I get together at this conference she makes me cry as hard as I did at the finale of M*A*SH oh so long ago! She knows how to stir a crowd with emotion and warm and fuzzies. But what was unique about this year was she stepped away from her normal format and rather than inspire you with her words, she did so by sharing the inspirational actions of others. I write this not as one of the people she acknowledged but as one who was moved by the others she spoke about. Thank you Amanda for reminding us all that kindness and selfless acts are alive and well! I love you Sis!

Jessica Northey: Unless you have been under a rock with no internet connection you cannot NOT know who this woman is! She is one of the most followed women in social media, one of the busiest and certainly one of the most sincere and giving people I have had the pleasure of knowing. Jessica and I had been following each other just short of a year but both being passionate about causes and making a difference made us instant birds of a feather. What Jessica does for social good comes from the heart. There are NO motives other than to do what is RIGHT. I honor you my friend. I thank you for being born. I thank you for providing light at the end of some dark tunnels.

The 3 Stooges: Bill Champion, Jonathan Brewer & Brandon Hill:Simply stated these three guys are the tops in their fields. I will not go into a list of what they do and have done because I would be here until reality TV ideas ran out. Needless to say, what these guys do for MY soul, for the sake of others is enormous! Each one of these human soul shakers selflessly rise to any challenge and get results that make a difference. May my daughter grow up to meet a man like you…Or a woman!

Wally & Joni Doolin: They are the founders, the heart, the breath of everything People Report stands for. But more importantly they are my odd combo of Jiminy Cricket & Yoda. Every year they challenge me to dream. They force nothing on me but advise, support and knowledge. Every year I step closer to my dream because of them. I love them both. I could not imagine my recent growth without them.


Simon T. Bailey:You know how many words Simon and I said to each other during the conference? Seventeen. You know how many words he left in my head after he spoke at the conference? Volumes! If you don’t know who he is? Google him. Good luck sifting through the river of awesomeness and watch his videos and buy his books. As he says, “if it’s repeatable, it’s Tweetable.” Get ready to Tweet!


Cathy McPhilips & Kirstie Johnson: If there were two women who understand the value of Getting “IT”, these two get “IT” and give it in spades! Cathy has been there for any campaign of Social Good that arises and lends a hand, leads a charge or blasts a Tweet for the good of mankind. Kirstie Johnson is one of those rare people what looks at the world and let’s no darkness cloud the good. Her positive and bright open mind releases vibes that resonate through all around her. Thank you my friends. We need more of you in the world.

Darla Trautman: Watch this space folks. There is a storm brewing here in the shape of an inspirational giant that will rattle the foundations of darkness. She has been laying low. Waiting. Watching. Well, OK, more of the waiting but as she says, “I was born far away from my destiny but I’m on my way home.” We will have a candle burning in the window friend. Don’t dilly dally!

There are FAR too many to name. There WAY too many worthy of mention. I am WAY over the acceptable limits of a proper blog posting! But there’s just one more set of people I must acknowledge because they keep me laughing. They keep me real and see through crap faster than hungry flies… Jenny DeVaughn & Jill Heineck. They are SM/HR power houses and they are my friends I care for deeply. Check them out is all I say on this.

I end it here with a video that never made it to the end of the People Report Summer Brand Camp Talent Show. “It’s Our Time”. It’s the faces of some of those that were there who know it’s our job in this humans race to help each other get to the finish line…Together. I celebrate you my friends.

And So it Goes….


  1. Thank you Ty for honoring me with a mention here but I feel blessed just that I got to breath same air as y’all. I feel like I found this pot of Golden People at this conference who are doing so much to change the world.

    SO happy I got to meet you. I just love & adore you so much!

  2. TY, I’m so glad we met. I look forward to getting to know the Summer Brand Campers and plugging in for the rest of the year ~ until next year’s camp! What an experience ~ I saw true power and cohesiveness that moves mountains.

    <3 @zaneology

  3. Is it alright to place part of this in my personal site if perhaps I post a reference to this webpage?

    • Sure! 🙂

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