And JustUS for All: Vista Radio Fires DJ Dave Reynolds

I turn to the community, the tribe, to help me stand up for an injustice I feel needs to be addressed. Some or many of you know (or do not) know Dave Reynolds the AM DJ for 99.7 The River in Vancouver Island, Canada. Just this last weekend Dave won an award that was presented to him and voted on by Scott Stratton, Chris Brogan and others for the work he did on the Campbell River Food Drive and social media.

Vista radio was very upset with this because The West Coast Media Awards Committee recognized Dave and not the station for social media outreach he did to raise the overwhelming amounts of food he did for the poor and homeless. Just this last week Amanda Hite was nice enough to recognize my work with Dave on this but NOW, vista has terminated Dave as of today for “misrepresentation of the station” and they want their Social Media Award! Here’s the kicker, THEY HAVE NO SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE! I reviewed the legal letters and discussed it with lawyers and they feel there is questionable termination issues with it. Surprise!

I with several others with a heavy Twitter outreach will be Tweeting about this Wednesday after the time that Dave Reynolds was to be on air. NOW, all I’m asking is for a handful of RT’s, personal messages or any support you can lend to this.

We will be using #HastaLaVista as the hashtag and going after the stations parent company to let them know people are NOT too happy about this and or just plain old make them uncomfortable. If you are unable to participate because of any affiliation with VISTA RADIO. You can also just cut and paste this “Anti Vista Radio U fired @TheDaveReynolds for doing #socialgood?” starting anytime after 6am Pacific Time.

or just uncomfortable with it for business reasons I get it. I just want to call out a company that falsely claims to be a part of the social good and practices differently. Please feel free to get back to me with any questions.

I thank you my friends. You know I don’t take injustice or illogical very well.


    • They are upset because they didn’t get the award? Did Dave thank them for being a part of this award? They have no social media at all? Do they have a twitter account? Facebook? Google+ something that makes them SOCIAL? Wow! I don’t think he should go back there. Or perhaps whomever fired him should be fired. I will pass this on. Thanks.

  1. Crazy story, man. Crazy! If I had a radio station & Dave won a social media award, I would have given him a raise, not fired him!

  2. I am in full support of Dave Reynolds and what he has done for our community and community spirit.

    It is clear that it is he that drove his social media campaign! It was his name attached to the out pouring of support he has. People believe in Dave Reynolds.

    99.7 The River was just lucky to have such a wonderful man at the helm.

    I do not know Dave and the only time I’ve ever met him is when I have been compelled to drive to where ever he is and open up my wallet in support of whatever cause he gets behind….he compells me and everyone else.

    Does Dave get paid extra to sleep in a 50ft trailer in the freezing cold? I believe this is Dave’s award and he should be proud.

    Vista Radio….shame, shame, shame! For trying to take away from anything that Dave has DONE FOR YOU!

    Now some other lucky town is going to have the force of his charisma and not our little town.

    It makes me very sad. He will be greatly missed by everyone!

    Vanessa Hird

  3. Before trying to publicly shame Vista Radio, you should have taken the time to speak to other employees of the company, and get their opinion on the situation and on Dave Reynolds. There are two sides to this story, and had you taken a more professional approach to this “rally”, you would have found out that this social media award was a SMALL part of why Dave Reynolds was fired. As I myself am a professional, I won’t go in to detail here because I don’t believe it’s right to humiliate Dave publicly, but there are a large number of reasons why Dave should have been fired a LONG TIME AGO! In the end, the truth will have to come out, and because of all the attention brought to the situation now, it’s not going to look good for him. Way to go!

    • And you are to be believed why? You come under an anon name and call yourself professional. Epic fail. As I see it, you are a shill for VISTA radio, nothing more. Sad.

    • Wow, “Anonymous” I sure hope your attorney is supportive of the posts the “employees” are leaving defending the reasons Dave was fired and openly sharing more of his employment relationship publicly. They’ll probably need to back up your statements in a court of law should this go that far. Also not to hard to track the IP address of the source comment straight to the physical address and user if necessary. Even if you delete, it’s already too late.

      Regardless of what you say Dave did or didn’t do we do know what he did do and that was help more than 9k families by tapping into his social media community that believes in and likes him. The station should have embraced the award and been thankful to have their employee lead such an impactful movement and be thrilled the station was also able to support Dave and his efforts and the difference that was able to be made in your community to put a smile on someone’s face.

      This could have all turned out great. However, when people focus on the “me” versus the “we” or the “them” we are helping things get all crazy.

    • Dear Mr. Anonymous –

      I could care less about any other reasons you can justify terminating Dave Reynolds. He gave the station a worldwide audience by using social media and well, by just being Dave. I know the guy and he is the most giving person you will ever meet.

      I was there during that campaign for #SocialGood he led side by side with all the other Dave Reynolds supporters. He put #CampbellRiver on his shoulders and introduced that tiny island to the world! We all have faults, short comings and skeletons in our closets. If there are other reasons he should have been terminated so be it… but I know how this went down and the radio station wanted that award and didn’t want Dave to get any credit for it.

      Call it the final straw for his termination if you want… if that is the radios stations final nail in the coffin that brought it on – well, something smells like fish! ….. I know this – That award is rightfully Dave Reynold’s and nobody will ever take that away from him….

    • Ya know annonymous, I worked with Dave longer than you did and I know the man. He’s no more perfect than I am, but I can tell you one thing, he wouldn’t come on a blog as you have and spew the kind of vindictive, defensive BS you have. Take that from a guy who was behind a mic when you were likely behind the mesh of a playpen.

      Perhaps you should do some homework about the guy you work for at Vista. Long before social media came along his rep was well known and it’s never been a good one. Most certainly Dave’s rep towers above his when it comes to both the listeners and his comrades.

      Grow up and try not to take it so personally when the people you work for do something stupid and then suffer the blowback. On the other hand, your comment simply provides people a good look at the low quality of culture at Vista radio. WTG! I doubt you’ll score too many brown nose points for embarassing them further with that comment.

  4. not fair!!!

  5. In the venerable words of Forrest Gump “Stupid is as stupid does”. Great job Vista Radio! (oh, wait, they may not know this is sarcasm…should I explain? Nah, they already don’t “get it”)

  6. It’s such a super-smart business move to fire your best brand ambassador. That’s ONE way to get publicity I guess, but not the kind you want. Yeesh.

  7. As an ex-radio employee myself I am fully in support of Dave. Radio just isn’t like it use to be. Vista should be proud to have such an outstanding employee serving the community. I have shared this with my fellow radio alumni in a group we have on Facebook.

    Dave we’re behind you!

  8. This is outrageous!!!!!! Getting fired for doing something above and beyond the norm to help people of our community, for getting credit where credit is due…makes absolutely no sense what so ever. And Vista Radio wants the award…for what….I would think that Dave winning this award is credit in itself to Vista Radio…….
    But if Dave is no longer a part of Vista Radio then what possible claim could they have to this award at all? He was nominated, not Vista Radio.
    And if they had a problem with this nomination, why didn’t this come up when he was receiving votes, why now after he wins the award? Or are we missing something? I would think they should be proud of Dave. The community is.
    I will pass this on as well.
    Debbie Sharko

  9. Unfucking believable! These people are so unsocial that they don’t even have a phone number or email address on their website. I was nominated for one of these awards and had I won, I guarantee you that my company would have been over joyed and supportive!

  10. Dave was the one who camped out in that trailer until it was filled with non-perishable items for the local food banks. Did anyone else at “The River” camp out with him?… it was his efforts that rallied the communities to donate. Dave you are a NORTH ISLAND HERO!

  11. I myself am very very sorry to hear that we may lose such a fabulous ambassador for our city. He and his larger than life personality made that radio station become what it is. And as far as Dave’s social media work, it did so much more than fill a few trailers full of food. He helped promote so many local charities, events, sports teams etc. He was always “on” every day of the week, when it came to being involved in the community, whether he was actually working or not.
    I hope, somehow, that Campbell River doesn’t lose him… This is a golden opportunity for someone looking for the best of the best in radio and PR.
    Good luck to the survival of 99.7 after this!
    I hope that Dave knows that this community loves him and fully stands behind him.


  12. Shocking, to be sure, considering the amount of attention Dave has given our community. Dave, just know that this is an opportunity for the next great, big-hearted thing for you. You have my support.

  13. I am totally shocked that Vista Radio would be so petty in terminating Dave Reynolds. It is almost like a spoiled 4 year old with arms crossed and stamping feet saying “if you don’t share, I’ll tell mom!” For shame. Grow up Vista, and treat your employees like the assets they are.

  14. I don’t know the background, I’m in Oz and don’t even know who the guy is, sounds like one awesome bloke me; to my point: ANYONE leaving comments ANYWHERE under ‘Anonymous’ (not the hackerz group) is a schill for whomever is on the other side of the argument; end of story. Go DAVE!!!

  15. Only one word needed: pitchforks 🙂

    Dave is a good heart and I consider him a friend, like many in #usguys I’ve never met IRL.

    He has my full support, and I am proud to see our digital tribe stepping up to stand with him. He deserves it, and more.

    Thank you, Ty, for saying the above!

  16. I would like to add some clarification. I am part of Victoria’s Social Media Club as well as an organizer of Social Media Camp, which put on the West Coast Social Media Awards aka “The Coasties”. Three hours before the event we received a “cease and desist” letter from VISTA’s lawyers (really? They knew about this for months ahead) and demanding full credit for the award. We complied with VISTA and any and all recognition for the award was strictly reference to VISTA Radio. Dave Reynolds name was not even mentioned, to the degree that when he accepted the award he didn’t even introduce himself.

    Dave’s name was NEVER mentioned in conjunction with the Award. All credit “went” to VISTA. In my viewpoint they have absolutely no grounds for dismissal, which Dave would be well within his interests to challenge.

    This simply goes to shows the lack of integrity and perhaps even intelligence held by VISTA.

  17. I have assisted Dave the last 2 years with the Food Bank trailer. Important to note this was shared time of 12 to 16 hours a day together.

    The first year I watched intently to see where his motives came from. Was he promoting the radio station or maybe their advertiser?

    The answer is NO! These may have been bi-products but not the main theme.

    For example, an elderly lady on a meager pension, showed up with a can of salmon. She apologizes for not being able to give more. It was explained that she just gave lunch for 2 children. It was not the amount but rather the giving from the heart. Giving more when you have less is a gratitude which is shared.

    Time was taken to explain to children the help they were giving to other children in their community. Thereby planting the seed for future citizens and volunteers.

    Where Dave could have taken all the accolades given, he always deflected it back to those who donated and the community as a whole.

    This was why I was willing to come back and help the second year. The motives were unselfish.

    In the second year he started using social media as a tool. I understood where he was going with this.

    I would relieve for a little bit in the mornings so that he could have a shower. (Flies where becoming his best friends. LOL) During these brief times he would usually drop into the station to make sure things were running smoothly and maybe make a call on future clients. Suffice to say he was donning many hats.

    Juggling all this was not an easy task. Emotions can run high. Just listening to some of the stories of self-sacrifice by some donors would bring a smile and yes sometimes a tear to our eyes.

    Could Dave fly off the handle at times? Of course! Never in front of the public. He would also apologize later.

    Passion is a key element to make something like this truly successful. Passion can send you in either direction. Emotions can run rampant at times.

    Weighing the good and bad, good always by far tipped the scale. Dave always took ownership of the bad and would try to correct it.

    Political correctness is like putting icing on a lemon. When you get to the lemon you get a real taste of what is going on.

    Dave, I do not know what the future has laid for you. I do know that my friendship will be there.

    Humbly yours;

    Dave McMillan

  18. Well, I like the phrase “Stupid is as Stupid does” and man, this is way off the scale. I worked with Dave at the Trailers (both years) and this guys commitment is superlative (mind you he looks kinda crazy in a Santa Hat) he gave so much to the community that even I found it hard to believe, But, He did. He was constantly out and about performing at various events ( as would be expected by a Radio announcer ( I was one too) and everytime the 99.7 Logo was there. By using his social media talents he was even able to get a SHOUT OUT for Campbell River during the Stanley Cup, and ya gotta believe alot of people got to know about Campbell River ( not about Dave Reynolds). All I can say is welcome to the 21st Century… where corporate greed reigns supreme ( Telus comes to mind), perhapes Vista would like to out source the station to the Phillipines? Yep, definitely sounds Weird or What. Dave, you don’t deserve this crock, I still take great pleasure in calling you “FRIEND” Goodluck and go get’em….


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