Open Mouth…Insert $: Food & Controversy Great Combo Deal!

Open Mouth…Insert $: Food & Controversy Great Combo Deal!

So I have decided to say something outrageous as a senior representative of my restaurant company and watch the profits grow in the aftermath of me opening my mouth to spew my personal opinions. Oh, then I’m going to back up my statements by making sizable donations to organizations on behalf of my company to validate what I say. So, let me see…I will need some help here. What shall I say that I know will upset some and gain support by others?

– Baby seals are the next big burger craze!
– Soylent Green is people and we got ‘em fried and grilled!
– We only believe in serving white meat ‘cause we like it white.
– (Sign in window) “Do we look like we take food stamps from you people?”
– Free Diet Coke for Overweight Guests

I could go on but you get the point. Clearly the controversy over that restaurant chains CEO’s comments stirred a controversy of Biblical proportions in the industry.

Was it a responsible thing to say? Absolutely NOT. Is the backlash monumental? YES! Is it mind blowing that last week their numbers since the comment have jumped double percentage points? YES but not surprising. That company has a huge support base in states that don’t agree with the gay lifestyle and they have rallied around their food of choice.

So at my next marketing meeting with C-Suite when they ask me “what is your plan for raising profits in the 3rd and 4th quarters” I will hold my head high and say, “Controversy!” Then I will lay out my plan to offend a select group of consumers and watch the money roll in!

Of course I will alert my Public Relations group to the plan so we can properly saturate the media with it and get FOX News and CNN to place trucks outside my stores. That should get some attention!

Why didn’t I think of this before last year’s Christmas bonuses! Thank you Dan Cathy. You are a genius!

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  1. Although a humorous read, it has happened many times. As the saying goes, no press is bad press.

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