Changers of Commerce: Helping to Re-Band Aid Ethiopia

Remember Live Aid back in 1986?

Remember seeing Queen give one of the best performances in rock history? Phil Collins playing both London and Philadelphia? Remember how it made us all fell to be a planetary communality that day?

You want to feel that feeling again? Well you can by helping out and getting involved and being a rock star as a Changers of Commerce. It’s a group of people who through the power of leadership stemming from the restaurant industry, work together, civil groups, NGOs, private enterprise, and the public who benefit by considering and responding to the evolving needs and beliefs of society today. Imagine if we all “took that “it takes a village”, mentality and incorporated it into every aspect of a business strategy as a key driver of sustainable business success.

Its old school-meets new-school, small town-meets-big business. It means understanding that in our ever-more-connected world, that which affects our stakeholders affects us now more than ever before.”

This past summer, some very dear friends of mine went on a trip (I sadly could not join them on this round) to Ethiopia where the situations of what Band Aid worked so hard for are still a tragic issue for its people. What became a fact finding mission to better understand the needs of the many, turned into something else. It became a passion to help those that want to help themselves! This rag tag band of leaders decided to find a way to raise money to help these local leaders build wells for fresh water, crops and get them on a path that will alter the course of their villages for generations.

The starvation is still there. The lack of clean water is still there. But what is also there is the human spirit to survive. The human moral fibers to help.

Today August 21, 2012 the Changers of Commerce are holding a Tweet-a-Thon to raise money and awareness for their mission. The goal is $10,000. The ability to make that happen is real! Go to this link and donate. Tweet it out to your followers, post it on your Facebook pages, sky write it if you feel it will help. But help.

Here’s the links and the tools you need. Now stop reading this and forward it around and be a Changer of Commerce. Be the hope for a better tomorrow.

The Changers of Commerce:

Twitter Hashtag for Tweet-a-Thon: #BTCEthiopia


Direct Donation Link:


And So It Goes….

Thank you Amanda Hite, Kat Cole, Jim Knight, Joni Doolin, Wally Doolin and Jeff Power…You Get “IT”!