Clark Kent: Social Media Secret Identity? The Golden Age of Transparency

So…I’m walking by the New York Times building here in NYC the other day and was thinking to myself, “you know I bet if Clark Kent was real he would be working for the NY Times.” But then I had another thought (as is I sometimes do have as a follow up thought to another when my mind feels clever enough)and that was, if Clark was working in the modern world, in the limelight of the new media realm then he would be expected to have a social footprint, right?  Transparency

As a chief reporter Clark would be obligated to be blogging, Tweeting, Facebooking, Pintresting and being a good little chief reporter for a metropolitan newspaper!

Now if this was the case, how fast do you think it would take a follower of his who has too much time on his hands (like I clearly do) to piece together Clark and Superman’s identity. Let us look now at a section of that blog post from said social media troll or rather shall I say, curious individual…

“…and after closer examination of Mr. Kent’s social media footprint, or shall I say lack of one, I have come to the conclusion that this mild mannered reporter is quite possibly living amongst us as Superman! Note the lack of pictures on Facebook pre his reporting career, his LinkedIn profile has no prior experience short of his journalistic work at Smallville High School and his Twitter profile picture is just an “egg”. Is this any way for a “chief reporter to be “out there” and accessible as a brand element of the Daily Planet?

I also noticed how he gets all those “exclusives” on Superman rescues and stories (just short of Lois Lane) when he is never even on the scene of said feats. PLUS I took Mr. Kent’s Facebook profile picture and compared it to that of a recent Superman picture from the Superman Fan web site and clearly you must see the resemblance!

Why has no one seen this before? It’s not like he’s Batman hiding behind a mask like a scared child concealing some hidden pain. Start following this guy on Twitter. Guaranteed, you will NEVER see a tweet from Kent while Superman is in battle.”


I guess here is the point: There is nowhere to hide now days. Everyone can be found now days in a hot second on a Google search. Anyone can be a celebrity via Social Media and celebrities are supposed to be regular transparent and approachable via Social Media. Even if here were superheroes they could be outed by clever bloggers or the average 10 year old. Unless they were smart like, Tony “Ironman” Stark or Princess “Wonder Woman” Diana, and just say, “Hey, this is me, accept it oh and please “Like” my page and RT my Tweets”.

Now if you would excuse me, I have to do some audio check, photo-shop work and Facebook, Twitter checks on this Batman guy. I could swear he reminds me of George Clooney, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer or…is it Christian Bale? Hmmmm…

And So It Goes…