The Little Rascals of Social Good

OK, here comes the “not so interesting” opening hook line to start off a blog to engage the reader…

Recently, my daughter opened up her first lemonade stand and…

Here’s the follow-up line with the hook:

She did it for charity by her own choosing, raised over $700 before she even squeezed a lemon and then made $135 in 2 hours for the No Kid Hungry charity!

OK, so secret told that she did not even squeeze a single lemon ( I did) and she only mixed the batter for the cookies we sold (wife made those) but, what she did do was organize her toddler army to form a Little Rascals style sales force of terminal cuteness! Complete with “mister, mister buy some lemonade for charity” dialogue, hair in pig tails and little doe eyes flashing about, how could anyone NOT donate? One Clarence Clemons sized look alike came over to donate $20 just because he thought it was a fabulous feat. When he handed my daughter the money, she noted the notes worth and she sized him up and all she could ask was, “How much lemonade do you need mister?”

It was like watching used car salesmen surrounding the possible patron as they entered the lot. The rascals ran like packs of wolves to surround people on the street, strong arming them to purchase the charityade. It was both epic and disturbing but the memories are delightful. All the parents agreed that it was a valuable and enjoyable lesson for all the little rascals.

So here is what I ask after being witness to this: If a 4 year old child can grasp the importance of charity and raise over $850 selling lemonade and online donation help, why can’t we “grown-ups” do something as simple and perhaps with the same monetary results? If every person with a social media presence reached out to do some social good with a charity of their choice, even just for 3 days a year, imagine the impact. Picture the trickledown effect. Every person seeing their Tweet or posting is exposed to that charity and that charity has a hope of achieving its work. If every person gave up 2 venti mocha-frappawhatevers a month to a different organization…Imagine how we can change the world.

We may not be able to stop the icecaps from melting through this method but we can stop the meltdown of human hope.

Take it from a bunch of little rascals that want a better future for themselves. Teach your children well and they in turn will teach us as well.

To learn more about Share Our Strength and to make a donation under my daughters lemonade stand page just visit >>Skylar’s Page

And so it goes…