“The Beatles Top 10 Revolution Customer Service Hits!” Final in The Beatles Series

“You say you want a revolution. You say you got a real solution. Well, you know we’d all love to see the plan”- Lennon/McCartney

OK, listen up generals and leaders of customer service builds for the world’s work force! The Beatles said it in that quote above. You need a plan. Got one? Well just in case you don’t or you want to add to your war chest of customer service training materials, here are the Top 10 Hits of things your customer service reps need to battle for when on the front lines!

Representation– Represent your company in a positive manner
Enlist– Every time you provide excellent customer, you enlist a new guest to your brand
Volunteer– Offer up ways to help the guest. Don’t wait for them to ask!
Olive Branch– Something wrong? Get that apology out ASAP soldier!
Loyalty– Excellent customer service means you have earned that guests loyalty
Unity– Remember there is no “I” in team but there is in “unity”
Tolerance– Everybody has a story, as a customer service rep it’s your obligation to listen
Invest– Go beyond what seems like your limits and you’ll succeed in maximizing your return.
Outflank– Go take a look at other customer service reps at the completion and be better!
Needs– Always gauge the guests tone, demographic and use logic to lock in their needs

The Beatles knew something about Revolution. Of course not in the violent, burn the city to the ground and drown the village kittens kind of way but in the call to action of a better world and how we can just “get on with it” as Lennon once said.

So, here is your homework: I’m giving you permission to cut and paste this REVOLUTION list, this tactical manifesto, and use it to guide your customer service teams. Heck, make posters of it and get a little creative. But most importantly, LEAD the REVOLUTION! It doesn’t matter if you’re a call center, restaurant, online customer service trouble shooter or a guy that sells mysterious links of meat and calls it a Hot Dog stand.

Now gear up leaders, rock and rollers and start the REVOLUTION. I’ll catch up with you after my mani-pedi appointment at 3:00.

And So It Goes…