The USFitties in partnership with Money Supermarket, started the ‘Get Fit, Feel Epic’ contest for a chance to win both the Fitbit Zip and Fitbit Aria, worth £150 ($240). All I had to do is write about what I do to get fit and feel epic.

I try to stay in shape. I really do! You can stop laughing now…seriously…

My workout and regiment is built on a few key factors:

1- “Daddy! Uppy Uppy!” This is the strenuous by effective workout designed by toddlers for parents. The art of lifting, carrying and crunching a toddler for blocks at a time is both great for the arms, shoulders, back and mind. OK, it’s none of those things at all really however it is the only workout I currently have time for.

2- “Daddy! Can we have chicken nuggets for dinner?” This is the healthy eating regiment that all toddlers swear by and all parents get sucked into so the kid will eat anything short of sweets, gummy thingy or chocolate. We there for purchase something dreadful while at said large “M” establishment so we don’t have to “cook” 2 meals and or purchase something better for ourselves which means we must travel (more “Uppy Uppy”) and therefore robbing parent and child of precious playtime.

3- Finally, get real! Step away fro the nuggets and the child (this is what the Television is for) and really take care of yourself. For more information on how to do this please visit (where you can try out their health calculator to show how much you can save by getting fit) and check out USFitties.

Now….Where did I leave my Mini Me…?